Our project born on february 2005 to defend the state of health, to prevent and to cure diabetes and its complications
Our priority is the principle of the welcome. If the patient is received in the right way, he begins to trust and it allows the therapeutical intervention necessary to improve his state of health. The staff became then therapy (therapeutical and sanitary).
Scientific Evidence
Regular physical activity:

  • increases general state of wellness
  • improves physical and psychological health
  • helps to preserve self-sufficiency
  • reduces the risk to develop some diseases not transmissible (ischemic heart disease, hypertension)
  • helps to control specific pathological (diabetes, hypercholesterolemia) and life (stress, obesity) conditions
  • helps to minimize the consequences of some disabilities and it can helps in the management of the conditions of chronic pain
  • may be able to help to modify stereotyped imagine of the old age
Longterm psycological effects:

  • general wellness
  • best mental health
  • cognitive increases
  • control and motor performances (delay of the decline associated to the age)
  • acquisition of the motor abilities
    Social immediate benefits
  • increased social integration  (physical activity often happens in group)
  • strengthening of the persons doing continuos physical activity
    Longterm social benefits:
  • improvement of the relational ability
  • enlargement of the friendships and social context
    Benefit for the society:
  • reduced costs of the social-health care. A lifestyle physically more active helps to procrastinate the onset of illness and to reduce the costs of the public expenditure
  • growth of the productivity in working environment
  • promotion of a positive and active image

MOV.I.S.’s activity is based on the inseparable couple of personalized training program and medical monitoring.

The Mov.i.s. ONLUS association ( italian acronym of movement in health), was founded in February 2005 to promote and diffuse motor activity and its benefits in the range of primary and secondary diabetes prevention and therapeutic management not pharmacological of the illnesses correlated to ageing.
The association’s logo is represented by an animated heart with training shoes and surrounded by a stethoscope. It wants to highlight the beneficial effects that physical activity can also give to persons with chronic disabling  pathologies.
MOV.I.S.’s staff is composed by doctors (Geriatricians and Diabetologists) and by doctors in Physical Education. Inoltre These fundamental figures are supported by other competences: Dietician, Podiatrist, Psycologist that are useful in the global management of the patient.


MOV.I.S.’s activity is recommended to:

  • diabetics (fitness metabolico)
  • obeses
  • chronic respiratory pathologies
  • cardiovascular pathologies
  • osteoarticular pathologies
  • neurological pathologies
  • young, adult and aged people,  without any specific pathology too, to prevent the state of illness

It further does the following activities:

  • education on healthy nutrition
  • education on self-management of the chronic illnesses


MOV.I.S can offer to its customers innovative training sessions, during which personal trainers supervise the technical part, while the doctors detect various indicative parameters of the health’s state of the persons: arterial pressure, cardiac frequence, chest measurement, body weight, body mass index (BMI).
In the diabetics persons or at risk, the glycemic control is taken before and after the training.

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